7 Must do things in Tokyo:


7 Must do things in Tokyo:

7 of our favourite things to take our guests on whenever we are on Tour in one of the most amazing cities... Tokyo. Experience amazing culture, eat some of the best food in the world and sing your heat out in a Karaoke bar.


Packing for that flight


Packing for that flight

In today's world of cheap airfares for long distances flights with limited luggage weight allowances, we as the traveller are always looking to save as much weight and room as we can while still packing everything in. Travelling with your skis or snowboard can be a pain especially when these items take up a lot of our weight allowance and space. If you're going for an extended time you may want to pay the extra fee on that budget airline and get an additional bag. If you’re going to get the extra bag, look at the not so budget airlines as these usually have the additional baggage allowance built into the airfare price.


Here are a few hacks for saving weight and room.

Board bag and ski bag.

When buying a ski or board bag always keep an eye on the weight of the bag empty. Just because it's a big bag and you can fit everything in it doesn't mean it will save you in the long run. A bigger bag means more weight which can mean less gear to take with you. It's a catch 22. You could get slogged for overweight baggage and the bag might not even be full!

Shred gear bags are way bigger than your standard luggage bag although once all your snow gear is in, there isn’t much room for anything else. Try these helpful tips.

  • use the inside of your boots. Socks and thermals folded tightly fit perfect in there. 
  • Use the inside of your helmet to pack your goggles and gloves.
  • Snowboarders can use the inside of their bindings when they are folded over to pack gloves, avalanche beacon, socks, thermals etc, there is usually a good amount of space
  • skiers pack your skis on either side of your bag with the bindings facing inwards. Not together as this will open up the middle of the bag a lot more freely and optimise space in between. This also stabilises the bag too.
  • Vacuum bags are perfect to reduce the size of your jacket and pants.
  • Save weight by tuning the skis and boards before you leave, no need to carry that iron, service kit and wax with you.
Narita airport

luggage bag packing

Saving on packing room.jpg

Once again vacuum bags for the win. Suck the air out of that down jacket and get it in with the rest of your off-mountain clothes. Another couple of basic hacks is to buy toiletries once you land at your destination. Take minimal clothes and wash them as you go. Save room by folding your clothes neatly or roll them all up together. Individual packing bags are also a good choice to separate and itemise.

Cabin Bags

You can save a lot of room by bringing a backpack or cabin bag on the flight with you. Most airlines will give you a 7kg allowance for your cabin bag. You will mostly fill with camera gear, electronics, and the sort. If you're a buddying photography your SLR weighs a bit. Carry your camera with you on the outside of your bag and film or take photos of the walk on to the plane, the flight attendants and ground staff won’t count this as baggage weight.

Hire gear. 

Although this is not the most exciting way to save room or weight it can save you a lot. If you have all your own gear and love the way they feel and ride then I probably wouldn't go for this idea (I never do I always pay extra for my baggage). In saying that though, if you’re travelling around a lot, only have a small weight allowance and one piece of luggage this might be the way to go. 

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The French Climber Lionel Terray famous term “Conquistadors of the Useless” Which I think is a perfect description of the enlightened ones that call these beautiful mountain towns home for the winter and life becomes a lot simpler. After many years of living this dream myself I dedicate this to our fellow Conquistadors!


1.     You consistently buy bulk instant ramen.


2.     You have all the free Wi-Fi passwords in town.


3.     You think beer is a legitimate form of currency


4.     You use duct tape to fix everything clothing, furniture, vehicles etc.


5.     “Doing Laundry” consists of cycling through different flannels on your floor.


6.     You have a day job a night job and possibly a third job for the “hookups”


7.     You might not have been a gear head but you are now.


8.     You collect all your old seasons passes and grow your moustache all summer for the photo.


9.     Your goggle tan is the only tan line on your whole body.


10. You find yourself storm chasing with a car full of gear, sleeping bags and beer.


11. You yank broken skis and snowboards from a dumpster and think: “With a touch of epoxy, these could last an entire season.”


12. Seven strangers share your apartment from November till May.


13. You have facial hair. Lots of it.


Looking after your Goggles


Looking after your Goggles

A good pair of goggles will go a long way in your shred career if you look after them. Theres a few easy steps to make sure they do.

Buying Goggles

There re 2 types of goggles, spherical are the domed style of lenses while cylindrical lenses are a cylinder shape. It's personal preference, comfortability and fit which style to get. The best advice for which goggle is the goggle which gives you the largest range of visibility - you want to see the next corner when you’re in the thick of that tree run! Always consult the sales representative at the ski shop for the features on each goggle before you get a pair, there are so many! 

Ben Kimmy spherical
Ricky cylindrical


When purchasing a helmet its always recommended to bring your goggles along to try with your new brain bucket. This will ensure you have the right fit and no weird pressure points on your head. Always loosen the goggle strap to its widest point when sliding over the helmet, then tighten the strap. Doing this will stop the strap from losing elasticity. Make sure you don't store them or travel with them stretched over your helmet, this can cause the elastic in the strap to stretch and deform.


boof snow covered

Weather is a big factor in goggle fog. There isn’t a whole lot you can do once the fog starts, keep them ventilated, away from sweat and stay away from hot air - roll your balaclava or face mask down to avoid the heat from your body rising up under the goggles. Pack a spare lens and change them out, use your micro fibre cloth to give them a quick clean or hit up the day lodge bathrooms and quick dry them under the heater.

After that Epic pow day on the hill where you have snow from top to bottom it seems like a good idea to put your goggles in front of the heater to dry them out…. this is fine but only for a short time as they can melt and deform, so keep an eye on them! Always store your goggles with the lens up, if you leave them on the lens this will scratch them. There’s nothing worse then a big scratch line through you vision. If you are going to hang them, make sure you only hang them from the strap and not the lens frame. Good goggles are built tough and generally wont scratch easy but they can and do.

Changing lenses

When changing the lens you want to do this before you get covered in snow. Asses the conditions and change them before leaving. If the weather changes and you have no choice but to do them on the fly, make sure your hands are free of snow. If you get snow on the lens before you change it, they could fog instantly. Never touch the inside of the inner lens. There is an anti-fog film layer designed to protect the inner lens from fog. Changing lenses can be a bit of a shuffle thats why it is recommended that it is done inside before your on the hill.

Kass goggles


Its easy to just throw them in a bag at the end of your trip. Remember there could be moisture in between the lenses which could grow mould over time, especially if you are in a warmer environment. Leave them on a counter somewhere for a day or two once you have arrived home to dry them out and insure there is no moisture left on the lens. Once you are confident they are dry store them in the cloth bag that they come with - all quality lenses will come with a cloth bag or a hard case or both. Never store them face down on the lens this can cause scratches and even the lens to deform. Put them in a dry cool place away from sun light and they will last a life time.

All reputable goggle brands will have a good warranty, but these will not be covered under misuse. So look after them and they will last a long time. 

Oakley goggles black and white art


A chat with Australias up and comer in the snowboard industry. Book any Epic Snow tour and get a Kyneee Snowboard half price!


A chat with Australias up and comer in the snowboard industry. Book any Epic Snow tour and get a Kyneee Snowboard half price!

Kyneee Snowboards X Epic Snow Tours

kyneee logo

As most of you know, Epic Snow has teamed up with Kyneee snowboards for our Epic Col-lab board. But did you know when you book on tour to any one of our destinations you have the option to buy a Kyneee Pow Board or an Epic Snow x Kyneee board for HALF price!

Check out the Japow Tour HERE to come ride with us in the deepest snow the world has to offer.

To give you a little more incite about the Aussie snowboard brand we sat down for a quick chat with Kynan from Kyneee to pick his brains about what motivates him and what kyneee has for install for the future.

Tell me a bit about the brand when did it start and where?

Kyneee is a small board brand based out of Sydney. The brand officially started May 2013 but it’s been in the works for a lot longer. The "nope, we're doing this" happened on a Canada trip. Doing research to purchase a new board and all the info seemed like jibberish. Companies get so caught up in branding tech features with individual names for their brand that it just makes it all come across a bit ridiculous. We grew up skateboarding and always rode blank decks, we thought maybe we could do something like that for snowboards. So we tried making boards and tried out a bunch of factories. Now we’re here

Sponsored team members, what to expect from them?

We have 3 team riders this year Blake, Beau and China. We don’t expect or demand anything of them, being so small it’s not like we have huge contracts with salary’s and stuff. Being sponsored is all about content and repping the brand, whether its video parts or just getting shot for Instagram so as long as they’re doing that we’re cool.   

kyneee sponsors
kyneee sponsors 2

Apart from being Aussie made, what makes Kyneee boards stand out from the competition?

We don’t do our manufacturing here. We tried to make some in the early days, you wouldn’t want to ride those boards. It’s not something you can just learn overnight and we still press on building our own stuff as samples and prototypes but we have 2 factories we work with currently. Our main factory has been building for 15 years and their boards are solid. They also manufacture for some of the bigger brands. There’s a couple of things that set us apart. We try to manufacture with specs for an Australian market. Whether that’s in something as simple as holding off on dropping a pow board until the northern hemisphere season is about to start, or having Aussie specific graphics. Our pricing also definitely sets us apart. Not all snowboarders are rich kids, they can’t all afford $1000 boards.

Any learning curves that you can share for anyone buying a board?

It’s so easy to get confused by tech. The biggest 3 things to consider are flex, size and camber. Outside of those 3 things it's really just background noise. Kind of like your car coming with a good stereo vs just a radio.

Favourite board in the quiver?

Tough choice, it changes daily. If I was to head out right now though I’d grab a Roadkiller for sure.

Tell me what's on the agenda? 

We’ve started finalizing next year, working on some more apparel. There’s a couple of big ideas for boards that we hope can make next year. We have a lot of stuff planned but being so small we like to do stuff on the fly as well.

Pumped for Japan?

Oh man that seems like a lifetime away. But I can’t believe the Aussie season is done, it feels like it only started last week. So it’ll be here in no time.

What's next? and anything else?

We have so many big idea’s to try and push Australian snowboarding and do cool shit. So much of this is about giving back and just making our local scene as rad as it can be. I really wish we had some Burton/Redbull marketing budgets to put into it all. Thanks to everyone that helps us out, and if you don’t know who we are, check us out. Drop us a message, we’re always around. 

You can check out all Kyneee has to offer at http://www.kyneee.com/   

Instagram: @kyneeesnowboards  Facebook: KyneeeSnowboards

Remember you can grab the Epic Snow x Kyneee park board for $250

or the Kyneee Tere powder board for Japan for $350 

demo image 1.jpg
Blossom Epic Snow board
Tere Powder board for Epic Snow
Epic Snow Pow Board x kyneee

Check out the Japow tours for 2017 and get yourself an awesome deal on a new noard

Guide and Founder Benny V, took the Epic Snow x Kyneee board for a rip on the recent Epic Road Trip NZ tour in New Zealand. Check out the video to hear what he had to say at the top of Cardrona.

Sorry skiers, we haven't partnered with any one yet but if you're a budding ski brand and want to be involved with Epic Snow shoot us an email info@epicsnow.co


Super Snake Teaser Trailer


Super Snake Teaser Trailer

It's not too often that 2 different board sports can get together and rip the same course, but Mountain Dew has come to the table with their new Super Snake course combining a skate and snowboard track alongside each other.

Heavy hitters in their respective sports, Snowboarders Danny Davis, Jeremy Jones and Scotty Lago and skaters Sean Malto, Trevor Colden, Chris Colbourn,Nick Tucker and Micky Papa hit this course like no other!

Check out the Teaser trailer before the release!

Watch it on Monday, October 17th.  youtube.com/mountaindew

4 out of 5 shukkas





The Epic Road Trip New Zealand was one of those trips you will remeber for ever, lots of Laughs powder snow and sometimes a little to much to drink.... for the tour Epic Snow teamed up with Summit Balm Lip Balms for a special gift for all the team on the trip!

Katie from Summit Balm wrote a beautiful article about our trip in land the of the long white cloud! Here's a small excerpt from the article. Read the full article HERE

Next up, day 3 offers turns at Ohau Ski Resort – Part of the Famous New Zealand Club-fields (small privately owned ski hills) which can be found midway between Christchurch and Queenstown. A day of exploring runs like ‘The Boulevard’ (a groomed trail as wide as a highway) and ‘The Escalator’ amongst amazing conditions what’s better than that?! Then off to Wanaka for a stay at Stony Ridge Lodge and recover after a 1.5hr drive of terrible Kiwi accent impersonations and plenty of laughs. Stony Ridge Lodge offers the perfect environment for some memorable family dinners.

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Summit Balm was born as a result of a long, unsuccessful search for the perfect all natural lip balm specifically formulated for alpine conditions. Just as we thought we’d found the perfect balm, time after time there would be a deal breaker - contained parabens! Contained chemical sunscreens! It was coloured! Too glossy! The list went on.. We knew we had no other option other than to create it ourselves!
— Born in the city, conceived on the mountains - Summit Balm

Thank you Summit Balm, And we look forward to the next adventure JAPAN


Save While You Shred, Earn While You Turn


Save While You Shred, Earn While You Turn

Bring a Friend and Save!
Bring 10 and Earn!

Here at Epic Snow we like it when you bring a friend. The more the merrier we say. Not sure which friend? Why not them all! Bring 10 friends and the tour is free, bring more and we will pay you for every extra friend you bring!. Perfect for any occasion! Teams, conferences, businesses everyone!

Bring 1 friend & get 5% off your tour price

Bring 2 friends & get 10% off your tour price

Bring 5 friends & get your tour at half price 

Bring 10 friends & get your tour for free!

Bring 10+ & We pay you!

Get on board with your mates on the next big trip to New Zealand! and save! Limited spots left.

New Zealand's South Island is world renowned for it's mountains, lakes glaciers, hiking trails and of course Ski Fields. This trip is for the adventurers and explorers who want to get off the beaten track and explore not just 1 ski hill but 6! Meeting your Epic Snow guides in beautiful Christchurch, road tripping in the Epic Snow Mini Bus, staying in Christchurch, Ohau, Wanaka and the finale in Queenstown.  

South Island New Zealand

AUGUST 2ND-11TH 2016


from $1990.00 AUD